Asked Questions


  • Why YouTube?

    YouTube is among the most popular websites in the Internet with the billions of videos, a high proportion of which will refer to your audience. Comments posted on YouTube receive enough attention from the target audience and have a high level of credibility.

  • Why You?

    We are the only company that offers a new approach to marketing that is suitable for all companies and all niches. We inform your target audience about your product by addressing them directly in the place of their interest.

  • What are the guarantees?

    While completing the order, we provide the excel file with the posted comments and links to them that you can check at any time. We guarantee that you: - pay for only those comments that are left (not deleted) under YouTube videos; - receive comments only under the relevant and popular videos; - get only original comments, not empty phrases; - your comments will be among the top ones.

  • How much time does it take to have my order completed?

    Time of order completion depends on the number of comments you buy. It takes 1 week to make 1000 original comments under 1000 different videos in the chosen topics. For the bigger orders, the deadline can be negotiated. We can also speed up the process if that is necessary. For this, please contact our consultants via chat or email.

  • How can I pay?

    After you complete the contact form, you will receive an email with order parameters for the further negotiation. Once the parameters of the order are chosen, you will receive a payment link and a form to be filled.

  • Any discount?

    Yes. You will receive 10% off for your first order with us.

  • Where do you take the comments?

    We have a team of professional writers who create the comments based on your profile and the peculiarities of your business. We don't use ready-made templates; instead, we create each comment specifically for your company and your audience.

  • Can I write My own comments?

    Yes, you can give your own comments if you wish them to be included. You can provide all the comments, or you can give the part for our team to elaborate on the rest.

  • Will these comments drop?

    Some of the comments may be deleted by YouTube or channel moderators. That is why we always write more, keeping in mind that 5% of posted comments may be deleted with time.

  • HOW do you choose the videos?

    We create a list of keywords based on our analysis of your website and the questionnaire filled by you. Our team looks for the most suitable videos based on these keywords, choosing the most popular ones.

  • When will I see the result?

    You will generally see the result after the first 1000 comments are written. The time frame varies, depending on the niche, number and popularity of the relevant videos, and the package chosen.

  • HOW can I track the result?

    You will be able to see the visitors from youtube in your Google Analytics or other analytics tools. We can also post links that allow direct tracking; however, their effectiveness will be lower.

  • is it legal?

    Yes, our service is 100% legal. It does not contradict any of the advertisement policy on YouTube.

  • is it safe?

    Our service is 100% safe. You will not be banned or punished by YouTube, Google or any other service.

  • What about my privacy?

    We take care of your privacy, so we guarantee that our service is 100% confidential.

  • Who will post the comments?

    We use American, European, Canadian, and Australian users. However, you can choose any specific type of users for posting.

  • how many comments do i need?

    It depends on the specifics of your company, your niche, and amount of available content. Our specialists can also guide you on the necessary number of comments based on your niche and desired outcome.

  • Is there a minimal number of comments to buy?

    The minimum of 1000 comments is necessary to see the result.


  • What is "custom text"?

    Unlike other services, we never post "empty" comments like "cool", "like", etc. We design comments text specifically for your business, based on the services you provide and the messages your audience wants to see.

  • What is "permanent comments"?

    YouTube may sometimes delete the comments (or channel moderators can do that). That is why we check each comment and count only those that are left on the website

  • What is "links included"?

    We believe that your potential customers are more likely to click on direct links rather than google the website. That's why all the comments we post contain direct links.

  • What is included in the report?

    Your report will contain the link to each comment, date of the comment submission, its status, and the name of the user who posted it.

  • what is keywords?

    It's a list of main terms our team will use to find the relevant videos. You can provide the keywords by yourself or leave it up to us.

  • what is "keywords approval"?

    In the premium package, you will have an option to check all the keywords before approval. This option will be provided within 2 days after the order is placed. Deadline for the work starts once the keywords are approved.

  • and comments approval?

    We will send you 20 comments within 48 hours after the order is placed. You will be able to check the comments and approve them or give your comments. We will start counting deadline after the comments samples are approved.

  • What is dialogues?

    Instead of simply posting comments, we also develop dialogues of multiple users. Such an approach makes the review look more natural and, therefore, trustable. Comments in each dialogue are included in the overall count.

  • what is "top comments"?

    Not all the comments will be visible in top. We can make the comments popular by providing the necessary number of likes for your target audience to see them.

  • Can I order these features in basic?

    All these features come only in Premium package. You can request some of them to be added to your Basic plan for additional price.

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